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Jeffrey Brown, Ages 5-12

Winner of an Ignatz Award and multiple Eisner Awards, Jeffrey Brown has published comics in McSweeney’s, Mome, Kramers Ergot, and Best American Comics, and is the author of nearly thirty graphic novels, most recently Lucy & Andy Neanderthal, which will be released later this week. Presented here is a collection of sketches, comics, and writing spanning his early childhood, including the first chapter of an unfinished novel titled The U.F.O. Invasion.

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Brown 23
Brown 3
Brown 12
Brown 2
Brown 22
Brown 11
Brown 14
Brown 10
Brown 5
Brown 6
Brown 21
Brown 16
Brown 15
Brown 9
Brown 1
Brown 8
Brown 24
Brown 7
Brown 18
Brown 13
Brown 4
Brown 17
Brown 25
Brown 20
Brown 19

— Jeffrey Brown, Ages 5-12

Jeffrey Brown

“I was a chubby Grand Rapids, Michigan kid who loved reading, dinosaurs, science fiction, superheroes, G.I. Joe, and animals. My dad was a minister, so I drew a lot during church services. I loved writing and illustrating stories and making them into books, and I still do.”