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Josh Neufeld, Ages 20 & 24

Comics journalist Josh Neufeld is the author of A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge and A Few Perfect Hours (and Other Stories From Southeast Asia & Central Europe), illustrator of The Influencing Machine, and co-editor of FLASHed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose. These trompe l’oeils span his early twenties.

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Trompe 1
Trompe 2
Trompe 3

— Josh Neufeld, Ages 20 & 24

Josh Neufeld

“I studied art history in college and for a time I was really into trompe l’oeil artwork—pictures that are designed to trick the eye to look like ordinary reality. As presents for my mom and grandma, I made a series of pen & colored marker illustrations of various desktops and tabletops, with pens & coffee mugs & stained notes & so forth. I tried to populate the ‘desktop’ with things that were relevant to the life of the person I was doing the present for. My mom was a video artist and political activist, which explains the In These Times spoof cover, the Hellraiser message pad, and vintage VHS tapes, as well as the keyboard of an Apple Mac Plus. There’s a ‘photo’ of my mom’s boyfriend and their dog. Not to mention a Trident gum wrapper and a Diet Coke can. The second one for my grandma Bernice is a testament to her love of reading and the New York Times crossword puzzle. The puzzle lists the names of all her grandchildren, and contains a birthday message.”