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Kara Vernor, Age 17

A recipient of scholarships from the Elizabeth George Foundation and Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference, Kara Vernor is the author of the fiction chapbook Because I Wanted to Write You a Pop Song, now available from Split Lip Press. She wrote this story, “Eve And Adam,” when she was seventeen.

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— Kara Vernor, Age 17

Kara Vernor

“There’s so much going on in this story—a feminist fairytale re-envisioning of Adam and Eve complete with apocalyptic nuclear war, talking unicorns, a quest for spiritual enlightment and sex, and a Thelma & Louise ending—but isn’t that tornado of drama what it feels like to be seventeen? The world around you is peeling open exponentially and you’re itching to be contended with, to step into the ring of adulthood and throw your first punch (or in the case of this photo, to step into The Rocky Horror Picture Show, hence the black eyebrows and lips). I went to high school in Santa Cruz, a community obsessed with social justice and spiritual fulfillment, so that probably explains a lot, too. Still, I was flabberghasted when I found this and have no memory of writing it. Was I high? And what is up with that cactus?”