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Michael Gossett, Age 7

Michael Gossett is a poet whose work has appeared in Powder Keg, Poor Claudia, and The Found Poetry Review, and as a broadside from Black Aggie Press. He wrote this story, “Little Bears Ball,” in 1995.

* * *

Little Bears Ball 1
Little Bears Ball 2
Little Bears Ball 3

— Michael Gossett, Age 7

Michael Gossett

“In second grade I lived in Memphis, TN in a home that my stepfather bought from his parents, who had inscribed into the concrete patio that I used as a basketball court their initials in a heart. My best friends were two neighbor boys named after Texas towns, and when they and my sister’s friends descended on our house after school, my mom would pour Kool-Aid or Sunny D in mauve plastic tumblers numbered 1-8 in permanent marker, one for each of us. Despite its being my house, I was somehow always #2. This would become a pattern: I preferred silver trophies to gold, red ribbons to blue, Nick Anderson to Penny Hardaway, the Utah Jazz to the Chicago Bulls. This was the year that my elementary school let us take our school photos with our favorite toy. Unsurprisingly, I did not choose Buzz.”