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Rachel Mennies, Age 15

Rachel Mennies is author of the poetry collection The Glad Hand of God Points Backwards and the poetry chapbook No Silence in the Fields. Presented here is a piece she wrote the summer before her sophomore year of high school.

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— Rachel Mennies, Age 15

Rachel Mennies

“At fifteen, I lived at home with my parents in the Philadelphia suburbs and spent my first weeks away from the family at a residential writing program near Harrisburg. I spent most of my time before that summer—my freshman year of high school—practicing the guitar and writing poem after poem for the school’s literary magazine. This excerpt comes from a notebook I kept fervently during those weeks attending the program. Its contents cover quite a broad range of ‘genres:’ prose snippets, imitation poems, copious doodles, song lyrics, never-sent letters to friends(/boys) I missed back home.”