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Wendy J. Fox, Age 9

The author of The Seven Stages of Anger and Other Stories (Press 53) and the novel The Pull of It (Underground Voices), Wendy J. Fox has published fiction, essays, and interviews in ZYZZYVA, Oxford Magazine, Washington Square, The Missouri Review, The Pinch, and The Tampa Review, among others. She wrote this story, “Contract (Yuck),” in 1988.

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— Wendy J. Fox, Age 9

Wendy Fox

“I grew up in rural Washington state. Working class, up a dirt road outside of a small town with a small school, but I was very privileged in the sense that both my parents and the community we lived in outside of town put a lot of value on creative expression. We had ‘maker culture’ before people talked about this. For such an itty-bitty segment of already the middle of nowhere, we went on to be chefs and musicians and writers and builders and entrepreneurs and science Ph.D’s. As children, we had a great deal of freedom. I think the way I grew up might seem a bit unorthodox to some folks (and there were times that it was hard), but I’m grateful for it now.”